Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sparkle Green and Purple Christmas Party Look

Hi Guys,

Three days till Christmas!!! Sure a lot of you have Christmas Dinners or Parties to attend in coming days. I myself went to a Christmas Party last night. Going to share with you how I did my eye makeup and lips for that event in ten easy steps.

Captured on Camera!!!

Another Photo Captured at Event!!!

Outfit I wore

My dress was a floral design with lots of purple, aqua blue and little olive green. It also had a silver shimmer to it. Since most of the dress was purple I decided against using that as the main colour. I chose to go with olive green as my key colour which is the colour that showed least in the dress. When choosing eyeshadow colours choose colours that compliment your outfit or hair. YOu dont want one colour overpowering the entire look. Don't match...compliment!!!!

Products used on eyes:

  • NYX Pearl Eyeshadow Primer
  • Soft Touch Eye Pigments in Iguana Green
  • Sacha Matte Dark Green
  • Purple from Amuse Pallete
  • Jordanna White Sand
  • Ruby Kisses Violet Shimmer Gel Liner
  • White Glitter
  • Falsies
  • Cover Girl Fantastic Lash waterproof mascara

Products used on lips:

  • Soft Touch Temptation Royal Purple Liner
  • LA Colors Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss
  • White Glitter

I did my face first but if you have problems applying loose eye products its best you do eyes first. Here are the steps to achieving this easy Christmas Party Look:-
  1. Prime lid with Eyeshadow Primer. Pat most of it in center of lid and use a clean finger to fade out outer and inner corners. Also prime outer end of browbone to highlight that area.
  2. Use a flat chisel eyeshadow brush to apply loose shimmery green. You can use any frosty or shimmery green you have. Shake off excess from brush and pat into primer. Pat, pat, pat and repeat until you are happy with intensity.
  3. Corner the eye with a 'matte'darker green. I used the dark green from a Sacha trio which has some bronze highlights in it. To bring your eyes up corner in an outward V style or cat-eye style.
  4. Now take the purple and blend that into the crease. Use a crease brush.
  5. For the browbone use a fluffy brush and apply the white loose eyeshadow. Also apply some in tearduct area (inner corner close to nose).
  6. Take up some glitter on your fingertips and press into shimmery green on lid.
  7. Line upper and lower lash lines with gel liner.
  8. Apply mascara. If not using falsies apply 3 coats.
  9. Put on your false eyelashes to make the look more glamourous. This is optional especially if you already have long thick lashes. I personally "need" them.
  10. Base lips with purple liner. Apply pink lip gloss over that. Press some glitter into center of lips.

Now you are ready to sparkle and smile all night long!!!

Feel free to post your own pix of this look if you decide to try it.

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