Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Choosing Safer, Better, Cosmetics

In recent times I have been paying closer attention to ingredients in cosmetics. I have learned that many of the daily products we use can be harmful to our skin and health over time. Here are some websites I came across that will help you learn more about various skin products we use. I advise to not take everything as "gospel" on these sites. Some of them are known to exaggerate and give false information on some issues. Best to do as much research as possible on a particular ingredient from scientific sources.

The use of some ingredients is controversial. Consumerism takes precedence over healthier options. The cosmetic industry is not highly regulated. It's up to you to take your health in your own hands. Going natural is your best bet in my opinion. Best option.... but not very easy to do.

The Beauty Brains
EWG's Skin Deep - Controversial
Good Guide 
Smart Skin Care - guide to skincare ingredients
Cometics Info - Safety of Cosmetic and Personal Care Ingredients
List of Harmful Ingredients - Controversial
Smart Skincare - Harmful Ingredients 
Cosmetics Cop - Dictionary of Ingredients
Paula's Choice Brand Reviews

Check out this company's site. They list ingredients for each product and actually says what each ingredient does. Isn't that awesome!!!

Simple Cosmetics

Awesome Apps that are handy for helping you choose the right product on the spot!!!

Good Guide - guide to choosing safe cosmetics
EWG Best Suncreen Guide
Beautypedia App - find best beauty products

If you find anymore interesting sites you can post them in a reply to this post.

Have a great day!!!

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