Sunday, 18 March 2012

Carnival Makeup 2012 Comments

Camille Khan - Canada
Thanks again Kalifa. I got so many compliments about the makeup on Carnival Tuesday, which lasted! Will see you in 2K13 : )

Stacy Balfour-Richardson - UK
I must commend you on the excellent job u did with my makeup. It lasted the full day into the night even though I sweated profusely. I would definitely use you again.

2012 Client on the road....already booked for 2013!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Face Painting Gallery

Skittles Tropical Video Tutorial

Hi Guys,

Wish I had time to do lots of video tutorials. Maybe sometime in the future I will. This is the only one I have ever done for a Sacha Cosmetics Competition. Didn't use an eyeshadow primer because I wanted to show the depth of the eyeshadows on its own. Take a look.

Makeup Gallery