Friday, 15 February 2013

Making Faces for Carnival 2013

Hi Guys,

Carnival time in Trinidad is very hectic for a makeup artist. It involves very long hours on your feet and little sleep. I worked on both days this year. Just had two clients on Monday and there were supposed to be 13 on Tuesday from 2:00 am. Ended up only having 11 clients on Carnival Tuesday. At the end of the day I was drained with aching back and feet. Still it is rewarding to make my clients feel happy to show off their fabulous faces on the road. Special thanks to my wonderful assistants this year. My sister Kalisha and my neighbour Rhonelda. Couldn't do it by myself. We made a great team!!! Looking forward to Carnival 2014 where I hope to team up with other professionals to expand my services. You can check out my album on my facebook page.... Carnival 2013 Album on Facebook

 Here is a preview:-


Take care and thanks for stopping by :)

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