Monday, 6 August 2012

Cheapo find that's not too bad

Found a compact powder on Sale at Pennywise recently. It’s Theon’s Pressed Powder #5 Light-Dark. You get two for $20. I was really looking for my staple Black Opal Invisible Oil blocking compact. They were out of stock. I needed a temporary substitute because I didn’t want go to another store. Theon’s was a good deal so I decided to buy it to test it out.

The packaging does not give much information so I assumed it was a translucent powder because it said light-dark. Tried looking it up online but found no useful information on the brand name. Apparently it’s manufactured in a cosmetic factory in Miami. Theon’s name has been around as a brand in Trinidad for at least over 15 years. I was first introduced to their eye liners and nail polishes when I was a teenager. (Sure you’re calculating my age) Anyway, it’s not a yellow-based powder, pink-based but not highly pigmented. The smell reminds of the powders I used in my teens as well from Yardley and Constance Caroll. Back then most of the powders were pink-based.

I used this powder over my Avon perfecting primer and it's not bad. Indeed translucent. Almost colourless.If you’re medium toned and just want something to reduce shine you can use this. I am even using this powder to set my Maybelline Fit Me "Coconut" Liquid Foundation and it looks alright. Gave the second compact to my mom who is darker in complexion than me. She uses over Black Opal "Suede Mocha" Cream Foundation and it works. This powder is fine and doesn't get too cakey. If you’re a teenager who has a tight budget I think this is a good option. Get it while stocks last.

Wearing Theon's Powder Over Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Keep in mind this is not one of my highly recommended products. However, its a good substitute if you can’t get your hands on a better option at the moment. Compacts are designed mainly for touch-ups on the go. My pick is Black Opal Invisible Oil blocking powder. It’s almost colourless and goes well with most skintones. Most importantly it contains the oil-absorbing minerals Kaolin and Silica. You can get it in loose form as well to set foundation. However, I prefer Ben Nye loose translucent powders. So natural and warm up your skin beautifully.

I am having some problems uploading photos for this product. I will get them up soon. Please come back.

Have a nice day guys!!!

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